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Similarities between Retail and Logistics industries from IT perspective

December 17, 2015

Special case of retail business A very large retailer in Australia, with approximately 1000 supermarkets, 1000 mini-stores, and 1000 specialist stores like l...

Virtual production studios for live events

October 22, 2015

Virtual production studio

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API Management -- conceptual architecture for Retail industry

February 10, 2016

API Management within Retail business An API -Application Programming Interface- driven economy forms the backbone of the ongoing digital revolution. In sim...

Building a microservices based application

October 24, 2015

An application based on principles of microservices Recently, there has been a lot of discussion and focus on building applications based on the design princ...

Designing APIs

February 18, 2016

Overview of designing APIs? In an integration scenario, API (Application Programmable Interface) is used by a service provider to represent a function that c...

Developing APIMan using Docker

December 3, 2015

Developer’s guide to start working with APIMan

Evolution of PaaS

July 10, 2018

Evolution of Platform as a Service

Getting started with Go language

June 7, 2016

Development environment for Go language

Getting started with docker

October 23, 2015

Getting started with Docker This technical writeup should help the reader get started on working with docker.

Hyperledger on Kubernetes

October 25, 2016

Getting started with Hyperledger on Kubernetes

Maintaing State on Kubernetes

April 26, 2018

Maintaining State when deploying Application on Kubernetes

Maven repositories to use with JBoss Fuse

January 8, 2016

Maven repos to use for development with JBoss Fuse

Policy Management in Cloud Native Environment

May 18, 2018

Policy Management in Cloud Native Environments

Security Essentials in a Digital World

April 1, 2018

Security Essentials in a Digital World

Summary of APIDays Conference in Melbourne, Australia

March 10, 2016

APIDays Melbourne, Australia

Working with projects on Github

August 24, 2014

Collaborating on Github projects

Zero Downtime Deployments

August 7, 2019

And Example of Zero Downtime Deployment